Turn Key Construction was an essential team member throughout the construction process. Their collaboration effort and team approach were essential to the success of the project. Turn Key also effectively managed various scope of work additions from the owner during construction while working diligently to maintain the Owner’s budget to make the project a success.

Jason Adams

AIA NCARB, Hight Jackson Associates

“It’s been my pleasure to work with Sandy Dixon and Turn Key on two major projects. Over 20 years working in Municipal Government and contracting with many general contractors, I found Ms. Dixon to be one of the most effective in accomplishing what we wanted. Many times she presented alternatives that were cost saving to the City.”

Garry Campbell

Mayor, City of Greenwood

“Our project with Turn Key resulted in a seamless effort to schedule logical sequencing for the project thus causing the least amount of disturbance to the existing tenant. Not an easy task considering the need to interrupt utilities from time to time, but Turn Key scheduled these items to be done during none business hours without additional expense to the owner.”

David. W. Conyers

Vice President, Guest, Reddick Architects, 4200 Jenny Lind

“Turn Key was the general contractor on an extensive renovating project for AOG. We were pleased with the scheduling of the work and the end product, and would not hesitate to utilize Turn Key’s services in the future.”

Michael J. Callan

President, AOG

“We found Turn Key to be conscientious and willing to perform its contractual obligations with a commitment to quality, timely completion, and concern regarding its tenants during the construction process.”

John E. Keller

Contract Officer, Alma Housing Authority

“We have worked with Sandy Dixon for more than five years. She has never failed to have an issue that is not promptly given its due attention. I cannot emphasize enough that working with such a professional and her subordinates truly makes my job much easier by not having to worry about the project being done right the first time, and in a timely manner.”

David Smith

Community Development Block Grant Program, Housing Rehabilitation Program for City of FS

This project was complicated as it juggled the needs of two State agencies, The Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas State Crime Lab. It also had many technical aspects that required tight coordination, including a dispatch center, two FEMA spaces, and overall interior and exterior general security measures that had to function as a complete system. Turn Key worked well with the sub-contractors on the project and was diligent in every aspect to make sure all concerns brought forward by the design team, or the Owner’s team, were understood and accommodated in a way that very seldom happens in the world of hard bid. Additionally, the construction of the building is well crafted and brings the design team’s vision into reality.

Gail Shepherd, AIA

Partner, Hight Jackson Associates

“As a trusted advisor of Turn Key’s insurance and contract bonding programs, we consider it to be an excellent well managed construction firm. I’m certain you will find Turn Key to exhibit the highest level of professionalism and integrity in the prosecution of your project.”

Scott Clark

Brown, Hiller, Clark & Associates, Insurance Bonding

“Sandy employs a professional team that take pride in their work and value each project as if it were their own. She personally reviews all subcontractors’ references prior to selection and maintains a level of competency and expectancy throughout the project. Turn Key works in harmony with the project architect and owner alike.”

Ken Savage

Transit Director, Fort Smith Transit

“Over the years I have observed Sandy Dixon and her company’s work ethic and can attest that she always corrects things when they do not meet her standards. With this kind of project there are numerous federal regulations that must be adhered to as well as city and state building codes. Turn Key is consistent in quality construction and compliance.”

J. Matt Jennings

AICP, Director of Community Development, Buddy Smith Home

“Turn Key has been instrumental in transforming our building into a comfortable home for the children we serve. They showed compassion and understanding for our unique needs while completing the projects in a professional and supportive manner.”

Clay Roper

Former Executive Director, Children’s Emergency Shelter


In my time as Chancellor at UARM I have been a part of many construction projects. I feel that our projects with Turn Key have been as successful as any that I have ever been a part of. Specifically, the housing construction and the student union/college cafeteria remodel have been viewed by multiple colleges across the state of Arkansas as a model for what can be done at a two-year college. I receive words like amazing, beautiful, unbelievable, and impressive. These types of synonyms would not have been possible without a construction partner like Turn Key.

Phillip Wilson

Chancellor, University of Arkansas Rich Mountain

“It is my pleasure to express my satisfaction with Turn Key Construction Management Company during the construction of the UAFS animatronic nursing simulation ward in 2013. Many technical challenges existed during the construction process due to the high concentration of proprietary wireless devices and need for multiple layers of communication between the stations and the control room. Jobsite safety and cleanliness was some of the best I have experienced in my thirty plus years of projects. Delivery scheduling and logistics were some of the best as well. Destruction and construction was performed during the existing class schedule as well as before and after hours. Faculty reported no interruptions or complaints during the project. I would not hesitate to invite Turn Key Construction Management to work on the campus in the future, nor would I hesitate recommending them for projects of any complexity.”

Larry Chilton, CEM, CEA, BEP

Plant Operations – Maintenance, University of Arkansas Fort Smith

“Recently, the University of Arkansas at Rich Mountain worked with Turn Key Construction Management on a complete remodel of an existing campus building. This project turned out wonderful. In fact, in all of the projects that I have been a part of since being employed at Rich Mountain, this has been the most enjoyable experience I’ve had with a construction management company. Turn Key handled our project from start to finish successfully. This project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. Turn Key and Eric were very conscientious of safety. Eric’s worksite was safe and unbelievably tidy. The University of Arkansas at Rich Mountain, based upon their recent business with Turn Key, has no hesitancy in using them as a Construction Manger on any future project.”

Phillip Wilson

Chancellor, University of Arkasnas Rich Mountain

“The projects have ranged from drainage improvements, to classroom additions, to a high school baseball field and a safe room. They have helped in keeping each project within our budgeted monies and have completed them on schedule. They are excellent at coordinating the construction with our school calendar and their on-site job superintendents are very knowledgeable, courteous, and go out of their way to keep everyone informed, while keeping the schools fully operational.”

Dr. Dan Foreman

Superintendent, Cedarville Public School

“The largest and most complex project was the renovation of Chaffin Jr. High School. This project had a short time line, and even with unforeseen complications such as a massive asbestos abatement, it was completed ahead of schedule with a minimum of disruption to the school routine.”

R. Lynn Ellison

Director of Buildings and Grounds, Fort Smith Public Schools, Chaffin Junior High, Fort Smith

“Turn Key exceeded our expectations! They met all scheduled deadlines in spite of the project being started during inclement weather. My board informed me that Turn Key was the first construction company that they did not have to be involved with to resolve construction issues. They are a dependable company that you can trust.”

John K. Parish

Superintendent, Booneville Public Schools

“Turn Key Construction provided excellent service and quality work during the renovation. The project was completed in a timely manner and within the allotted budget. They were responsive to our needs as the construction progressed.”

Ryan Walker

Waldron District Support Services, Waldron Alternative Learning Center

“I found Ms. Dixon to be very professional and easy to work with in her dealings with all parties involved. She was responsive to our request and was diligent in enforcing safety and health standards with all her staff and sub contractors. She demanded quality work and was proactive in spotting and correcting potential problems.”

James Floyd

Former Superintendent, Waldron Public Schools, Waldron Alternative Learning Center

“Turn Key was very professional and made it a point to keep the administration informed during the entire project. When use of parking lots or entries to the school would be affected deliveries, they would inform us in advance so that we could inform parents and staff.”

Dennis Siebenmoren

Principal, Ramsey Jr. High

“Many times I would stop by on weekends or later in the evenings, surprised to find Turn Key’s jobsite superintendents working well beyond the normal expected hours, all in an effort to keep the projects on schedule. Sandy Dixon herself attended the majority of the weekly jobsite meetings.”

Michael Riley

AIA, Architect, Poteau Schools

“Turn Key constantly communicated with us during the project and included us in progress meetings. Their staff was available at all times as concerns came up and t hey were willing to do all they could to resolve them. They took personal pride and ownership in their work.”

Todd Marshell

Principal, Chaffin Junior High, Fort Smith


“Sandy and Turn Key provided skilled employees and contractors who were very knowledgeable in their respective fields of expertise. They held regularly scheduled meetings during the construction phase between representatives from Turn Key and the Dialysis Center. These meetings established excellent working relationships between everyone involved.”

Laura Palmer

Executive Director, FS Dialysis

“They efficiently completed my dental clinic and their professionalism and dedication to their clients is what impresses me most. I always felt Sandy Dixon was looking out for my interests and wanted to deliver the best possible building.”

Dr. Bill Ligon

Dallas Street Dental

“Turn Key was excellent to work with, completing my project on time and on budget. Sandy was very active on the job site and when there were problems, she made sure they were solved in a timely manner. She has been amazing with follow up, not just for the first year, but still after almost 3 years.”

Dr. Betty Jo Clark

Clark Family Chiropractic

“Trust. Experience. Skill. High value. Honesty. These five characteristics were what we found in Turn Key. Sandy came in exactly on budget and left zero surprises for us during the construction phase. Michael Martin, the project manager, was always there to ensure that things were done correctly.”

Jason and Beth Woolsey

Woolsey Family Dentistry